The Mustang has been a symbol of American automobile excellence and muscle. Every generation it has been the Mustang has seen significant changes with modern design and cutting-edge technology. There are many variations of this iconic car The “New Edge” Mustang stands out as an extremely popular fan. Although it is true that the New Edge Mustang already boasts an impressive appearance, automobile enthusiast have taken the car one level higher by installing widebody kit improving the style and efficiency to brand new levels.

The Evolution of the Mustang

Before we get into the specifics of the broadbody New Edge Mustang, let’s briefly look at the development of Mustang itself. It was first introduced in 1964. Mustang quickly won the attention of car enthusiasts across the world. Through the years, Ford continued to refine and develop the Mustang which led to the release to The New Edge design in 1999. New Edge Mustang New Edge Mustang featured sharper lines as well as a more aggressive design and a powerful engine which made it a instant classic.

What is a Widebody Kit?

Widebody kits are an enhancement that increases the width of the vehicle through the addition of flared fenders as well as body panels. These kits are made to enhance the visual design along with the efficiency of your vehicle. By extending the appearance of the Mustang the widebody kit gives more space to wider tires and wheels, enhancing the stability and grip. In addition, it gives the Mustang an athletic and powerful design, attracting attention everywhere it is.

Installing a widebody kit onto the Mustang provides a variety of benefits. First, it changes the appearance of the car and gives it a distinctive and agressive appearance that is distinct from the rest of the pack. Wider fenders and body panels give an imposing and muscular appearance when driving. In addition, a widerbody kit can improve the aerodynamics the Mustang, reducing drag as well as increasing downforce, leading to better handling and stability at higher speeds.

Enhancing Style and Aerodynamics

The main reason that many Mustang owners choose the widebody kit is to improve the appearance and style of the car. Wider body panels and fenders change the appearance of the Mustang and give it a striking and abrasive appearance. When you’re cruising down the city streets or racing around the track with a widebody Mustang will surely draw attention and be admired.

The visual attraction is just the beginning of the Iceberg. A widebody kit can also provide important aerodynamic benefits on the Mustang. The specially designed flared body panels and fenders cut down on aerodynamic drag and allow the Mustang to maneuver through the air more effectively. The improved aerodynamics results in improved stability and handling, especially when cornering and maneuvers at high speeds.

Finding the perfect Widebody Kit can be a difficult task due to the variety of choices that are available. A thorough research process is necessary to ensure compatibility, quality and design. Begin by researching reputable brands and reliable suppliers in the aftermarket for cars business. Think about factors such as materials’ quality and fitment, customer reviews and support for the product. It’s also essential to establish the level of aggression you want to achieve and the overall look you’d like to create by acquiring a widebody Mustang.

The process of installing widebody kits typically requires multiple steps. It’s crucial to adhere to instructions given by the manufacturer, or hire professional assistance for installation to ensure a smooth and safe installation. While some knowledgeable automotive enthusiasts may choose to go the DIY method, it’s advised to get the help from professionals with the knowledge and skills to complete the installation correctly.

Enhancing the appearance and performance of an open-body Mustang isn’t just about the body kit itself. Many owners opt to enhance their Mustang’s performance to reflect its aggressive look. Modifications to performance, such as motor upgrades, suspension improvements and brake upgrades will maximize the potential of the widebody Mustang. Through fine-tuning the engine’s performance as well as optimizing the suspension configuration and enhancing the braking performance owners can experience sensational driving experience.

Widebody Mustangs have left an irresistible impression on the motorsports industry. The increased control and stability that comes with the widebody kits gives these Mustangs an edge on the track. Numerous successful stories and notable accomplishments have been attributable to widebody Mustangs which makes them an important force to reckon with in a variety of races. From drifting contests to road racing events widebody Mustangs have demonstrated their ability time and time again.

Maintaining the appearance of a widebody Mustang requires a bit of extra care and care. Regular cleaning and detailing is vital to maintain the appearance and durability of the kit. It is essential to employ the right methods and cleaning products in order to prevent damage to the materials of the kit. Also, owners should be particularly attentive to those areas that the kit is attached to the vehicle as dirt and debris may build up within these cracks. A proper maintenance program will ensure that the widerbody Mustang will continue to be awe-inspiring for many years to come.

The broadbody Mustang members are a lively and enthusiastic group of automobile enthusiasts who share a love for these stunning cars. Forums on the internet, social media groups, and dedicated websites provide a way to broadbody Mustang owners to interact to share experiences and share knowledge. Connecting with other members of the community lets owners find inspiration, get guidance, and build beneficial connections with fellow enthusiasts who are enthralled by the unique attraction of widerbody Mustangs.

Cost considerations are a crucial factor to consider when considering an open-air Mustang project. The price of an entire kit could differ significantly depending on factors such as the maker materials, the quality of the material, and the complexity that the model. Furthermore, performance enhancements and maintenance costs should be accounted for in the budget. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the total cost involved and plan according to the budget in order to avoid any unexpected financial costs.

Legal considerations are a crucial aspect to consider when you modify the Mustang using the widebody kit. It’s essential to follow specific local rules and legislation that govern modifications to vehicles. Certain areas have restrictions on certain modifications, or require additional certifications to guarantee road safety and road reliability. It is recommended to speak the local authority or get out professional assistance to ensure that you are in that you are in compliance with all laws.

Like all modifications widebody Mustangs come with their fair share of cons and pros. The benefits of owning a widerbody Mustang include a stunning aesthetic appeal, a more aerodynamic design as well as improved performance capabilities. But, it’s crucial to take into consideration your own preferences and the tradeoffs. Certain people might find the larger body size to be more difficult to drive in the daytime and parking spots. In the end, the decision to go for a wider body is based on individual preference and needs.

Alongside widebody kits, there’s an extensive array of accessories to customize and personalize the widebody Mustang. These include but aren’t restricted to custom grilles, diffusers, spoilers, and exhausts systems. By carefully choosing and incorporating these items, the owners are able to make an extremely unique and attractive widebody Mustang that expresses their individual style and preferences.


The broadbody New Edge Mustang offers a unique chance to Mustang enthusiasts to improve their car’s appearance and performance. With the correct widebody kit, and other modifications, owners can turn their Mustangs into powerful vehicles that are a roaring success on the road. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sporty appearance and improved aerodynamics or the exhilarating experience of driving Widebody Mustangs can be a testimony to the infinite possibilities of automobile customisation.

Design Elements of the Ford Mustang


  1. Are the widebody kits only available on only the New Edge Mustang?
    • Widebody kit kits can be found for all Mustang generation and models, such as those from the New Edge. Different manufacturers have kits available that are suited to different model years making sure that owners of various Mustang generations will have the right choices.
  2. Can I put in a widebody kit onto my Mustang by myself?
    • While you can set up a Widebody Kit on your own but it’s best to hire professional assistance to ensure the proper fit and final product. Professional installers possess the expertise and equipment to complete the installation properly.
  3. Do widebody kits impact the value of the Mustang’s resale?
    • Widebody modifications could affect the potential resales value of the Mustang. While some buyers might appreciate the increased aesthetics and performance, others might prefer a more stock or original car. It’s crucial to think about the preferences of potential buyers and trends in the market.
  4. What type of care do broadbody Mustangs need?
    • Widebody Mustangs require regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain the appearance and overall condition of the kit. This involves proper cleaning practices periodic inspections, as well as taking care to repair any damage that may occur promptly.
  5. Do I have to make use of my widebody Mustang to drive on a daily basis?
    • Although the widebody Mustangs are able to be driven on a daily basis but it’s important to take into consideration the bigger dimensions and potential difficulties when parking and maneuvering through narrow space. Certain owners might choose to keep a second car for their daily commute and use the widerbody Mustang only for occasions or special occasions.
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