Are you seeking the thrill of pushing a car beyond its limits? If that is the case for you, a G35 Coupe drift car might just be your ideal companion. In this article we’ll delve deeper into this exciting world – its characteristics, modifications, drifting techniques and safety measures as well as popular builds within this vibrant community of exhilarating sport!


Drifting has rapidly gained in popularity over time among car enthusiasts everywhere, captivating car lovers worldwide. Drifting involves deliberately oversteering to cause rear wheels to lose traction while maintaining control. One such vehicle popular among drifters is Infiniti’s G35 Coupe due to its powerful performance and rear-wheel-drive configuration.

What Is A G35 Coupe?

The Infiniti G35 Coupe is an attractive two-door coupe manufactured by their luxury division Nissan’s Infiniti, known for offering the ideal balance of style, performance, affordability and appeal making it attractive option among car enthusiasts. Boasting its powerful V6 engine coupled with rear wheel drive capability and well balanced chassis features makes for an exceptional platform for drifting.

Drift Car Characteristics

– Power and Performance

The G35 Coupe comes equipped with an incredible VQ35DE engine capable of producing impressive power. Powered by its naturally aspirated V6 engine, its output produces ample horsepower and torque that propel exhilarating drifts – its smooth power delivery and linear response enable precise throttle control which are essential elements in drifting.

– Suspension and Handling

To meet the rigors of drifting, the G35 Coupe features an expertly tuned suspension system. With independent double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension combining to deliver optimal balance between stability and maneuverability – along with aftermarket upgrades that enable drifters to customize its handling characteristics to their preferences.

– Drivetrain and Differential

G35 Coupe’s rear-wheel-drive configuration makes it the ideal vehicle for drifting, as its rear wheels break traction easily and benefit from improved power distribution through its limited slip differential, guaranteeing both rear wheels receive enough torque during drifts for precise drift angles to be executed by its driver. This feature enables them to keep control while creating precise drift angles.

4. Modifications for Drifting

G35 Coupe Drift Car

Mods that enhance performance and handling capabilities for drifting can help the G35 Coupe achieve maximum drift potential, such as these among enthusiasts:

– Engine Upgrades

Drifters seek to unlock extra horsepower from their G35 coupes by installing engine upgrades such as cold air intakes, performance exhaust systems and engine management tuning. Such modifications improve throttle response for improved driving dynamics.

Increased horsepower and more aggressive engine sound heighten the driving experience, enriching overall driving pleasure.

– Suspension Upgrades

For optimal control and responsiveness during drifts, updating the suspension system is key to improving responsiveness and control. Adjustable coilover suspension kits, sway bars and strut tower braces can all help fine-tune G35 Coupe’s handling characteristics to better suit different drifting styles or track conditions. By doing so, adjustable coilover suspension kits, sway bars or braces may be installed in order to customize handling characteristics to increase stability, reduce body roll, fine tune handling characteristics or allow precise tuning capabilities suited for specific drifting styles or track conditions allowing precise adjustments tailored just for that one specific car!

– Drift-Specific Modifications

Some modifications specifically tailored for improving G35 Coupe’s drifting performance include upgrading to a higher-performance clutch and flywheel setup for greater clutch engagement and faster gear changes, essential in creating seamless drift transitions. Furthermore, installing a hydraulic handbrake system provides easier access to its handbrake mechanism allowing drifters to initiate controlled drifts seamlessly.

5. G35 Coupe Drifting Techniques

Successful drifts require mastery of specific driving techniques; here are a few techniques used by G35 Coupe drifters:

– Weight Transfer

Understanding weight transfer is integral to drifting. By shifting their car’s weight between front, rear, and side positions during maneuvers, drifters can manipulate traction levels to produce controlled slides with greater ease. Proper weight transfer techniques involve employing throttle, brake, and steering inputs judiciously so as to maintain balance and control throughout their drift.

– Throttle Control

Tweaking throttle input is essential to keeping drift angles and speeds within desired parameters and maintaining car control. By modulating throttle, drifters can balance power delivery to rear wheels traction for maximum traction control and no loss of control of their car. Smooth and precise control enables drifters to sustain long drifts with intricate transitions while remaining under complete control at all times.

– Steering Techniques

Steering inputs play a pivotal role in drifting. Through techniques like counter-steering (turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction to drifting), drivers can maintain car stability and prevent spinning out. By making precise angle adjustments through steering inputs, drifters are able to fine-tune their drift line for their desired trajectory.

– Braking Techniques

Although brakes might appear counterintuitive in drifting, they’re an essential technique for initiating drifts and changing mid-drift trajectory. A popular form is “feather braking”, in which drivers lightly tap their brakes to induce oversteer, shifting weight distribution by tapping lightly on them with their finger tip for oversteer. Timing and application help maintain control and execute precise transitions from drift to drift.

6. Drifting Safety Measures

As with any motorsport activity, safety should always come first when engaging in drifting. Here are a few essential safety measures you should keep in mind while engaging in this form of the art:

Wearing suitable safety equipment is of utmost importance and includes wearing an appropriately fitted helmet, fire-resistant racing suit, gloves and shoes; additionally multi point harness and roll cage should provide maximum protection in case of accidents or rollover.

Drift Practice in Controlled Environments

Drifting should only be undertaken within carefully managed environments such as racetracks or dedicated drift circuits which provide safety features like run-off areas, safety barriers and trained personnel for a more controlled drift experience. Engaging in any form of drifting on public roads or other inappropriate locations poses significant risk both to oneself and others involved.

Professional Drift Training Beginning drifters would benefit greatly from seeking professional drifting training with experienced instructors, particularly for their first attempts. Learner will acquire essential skills, techniques and safety protocols from trained experts while professional training emphasizes responsible driving as well as vehicle dynamics which provides greater overall safety both on the track and off.

Highest Rated G35 Coupe Drift Build Strategies

Within the drifting community, various G35 Coupe builds have earned immense acclaim due to their exceptional performance. Here are just two noteworthy examples:

Notable Modifications

Engine Swaps: Some drifters choose engine swaps in order to increase performance and power. Popular options for this include the Nissan RB series of engines or even V8 swaps with more horsepower output.

Turbocharging or supercharging: Forced induction systems can significantly boost the engine power output of the G35 Coupe, providing extra oomph during intense drifting sessions.

Widebody kits: Installing widebody kits not only increases a car’s aesthetics but also allows for wider wheel fitment – which in turn enables drifters to use wider tires with increased grip during drifts, increasing grip and traction during drifts.

Roll cages: Installing a roll cage into the G35 coupe helps strengthen its structural integrity while offering extra safety in case of accidents or rollovers.

Success Stories Many drifters have achieved incredible success with their G35 Coupe builds, such as professional drifter Chris Forsberg who has proven its capabilities at various competitions such as Formula Drift. His skilled driving and superbly tuned G35 Coupe earned multiple championship wins while cementing its standing as an unstoppable drift machine.

G35 Coupe Drifting Community

The G35 Coupe drifting community is alive and flourishing, consisting of passionate enthusiasts dedicated to pushing their car’s limits while honing their drifting skills. Here are several aspects of this community worth noting:

Events and Competitions Drift events and competitions take place worldwide, giving G35 Coupe owners ample chances to display their skills and engage with fellow drifters. Formula Drift, Drift Matsuri, grassroots drift days are just a few events where G35 Coupe owners can demonstrate their abilities while immersing themselves into the thrilling world of drifting.

Online Communities The internet has brought G35 Coupe drift enthusiasts from every corner of the globe together in one virtual place: communities, forums and social media groups provide platforms where G35 Coupe drift enthusiasts can exchange experiences, seek advice, discuss modifications and plan meetups – creating camaraderie among G35 coupe drift enthusiasts as they gather online together in one place to exchange knowledge while also building friendships among their own peers.

Support and Collaboration Resources Available Here

G35 Coupe drifters are known for being accommodating and welcoming communities, offering guidance to newcomers with tips, techniques and recommendations for modifications that contribute to creating an environment conducive to learning and personal growth – contributing significantly towards furthering G35 Coupe drifting scenes worldwide.


The G35 Coupe drift car provides the ideal blend of style, performance and affordability for enthusiasts seeking the thrill of drifting. Powered by its powerful engine and rear-wheel-drive configuration with well balanced chassis design – its powerful engine, rear wheel drive configuration and well balanced chassis are perfect platforms for unleashing drifting skills while prioritizing safety – G35 Coupe owners can truly experience its exciting motorsport.


1. Can any G35 Coupe be converted into a drift car?

Yes, any G35 Coupe can be converted into a drift car. However, it is essential to consider the car’s condition, modifications, and structural integrity to ensure it can withstand the demands of drifting.

2. Are G35 Coupes expensive to modify for drifting?

The cost of modifications for drifting varies depending on individual preferences and goals. Basic modifications such as suspension upgrades and tire changes can be relatively affordable, while more extensive engine swaps and performance modifications can be more expensive.

3. Is drifting dangerous?

Drifting, like any motorsport, carries inherent risks. However, practicing in controlled environments, following safety protocols, and receiving professional training significantly mitigate

those risks. It’s important to prioritize safety, wear appropriate safety gear, and engage in drifting only in designated areas.

4. Can a G35 Coupe be used for daily driving as well as drifting?

Yes, the G35 Coupe can be used for daily driving as well as drifting. Its comfortable interior, practical features, and reliable performance make it a suitable choice for everyday use. However, it’s important to keep in mind that drifting modifications and aggressive driving can impact fuel efficiency and ride comfort.

5. How long does it take to become proficient in drifting with a G35 Coupe?

Becoming proficient in drifting with a G35 Coupe requires practice, dedication, and consistent effort. The time it takes to become proficient can vary depending on individual skills, experience, and the amount of time devoted to learning and practicing drifting techniques. It’s a continuous learning process that evolves over time.


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